Let's Talk Home Offices

It doesn't matter whether you are permanently situated in a home office or require a part-time space to catch up on some unfinished business, having an area that is practical and well-organised is key. Today's home office designs give you much room for creativity and can help inspire you throughout the working day. When it comes to design, our personal recommendation is not to leave the home office as an afterthought. Plan it as you would the rest of the home, so you have a space that is made just for you, without compromise.

Combine a space to make it workable

Dedicating a whole room to a home office is no longer necessary thanks to versatile furniture pieces and intelligent storage. Cleverly placed curtains can entirely block out workplace shelving and transform a work area back into a convenient living space. Even the smallest of areas can be made into a totally workable space. Floor to ceiling shelving and well-placed drawers also mean that everything is close at hand. The trick is to use every nook and cranny available to you.

Wallpaper one or more walls

Wallpaper can rejuvenate a space and contrast it from the rest of the home. Regardless of your field of work, your home office does not need to be dull or dreary. Whether you wish to go bold or opt for a more classic style, wallpaper is one of the easiest ways to add interest. You can paper the whole area or just an accent wall to give it a burst of colour. If you are looking for a more work-savvy alternative, consider corkboarding a wall or partial wall, so you have a usable board to help motivate you and keep you on track for your goals.

Select the paint

While you can certainly stick to white or ivory walls for an airy and open feel, don't be afraid to veer from the neutrals with colours such as grey or purple. Don't be tricked into thinking that your home office needs to be representative of a dull workspace; pastel and bright colours are also a popular choice. You can even balance the painted walls with colourful furniture and filing cabinets to bring your home office up to date with the latest trends.

Choose a variety of lighting options

By the end of the working day, your eyes can become strained. Make sure that there is enough light, natural and otherwise, to keep your mind focused. Task lighting can be spread around the room or space as necessary, and dimmer switches can be added to lower or raise the lights when needed. Don't be afraid to add character with geometric light fittings, pendant lamps or even a stunning chandelier. Anything goes these days.

Eco-friendly is a popular home office trend

Going green can mean different things to different people. You can use recycled products for your home office, shop the secondhand or antique stores for interesting furniture pieces and opt for energy efficient lighting options. Allow your home office space to reflect your personality and ethos in whatever way you see fit. Clean and green will ensure your space is usable and don't forget to decorate with a favourite low-maintenance plant to liven up the room.

Blend home and office together

Adding textures to a particular space gives it a sense of comfort and luxury. An office space, particularly that of a home office, does not have to be sterile or cold. Wall panels, rugs and curtains are a great way to soften the look, and you can hand select some fabric and reupholster your favourite chair for a unique and fresh feel. And when the work day is done, you can also use the space to relax and unwind – just sit back and relax with a glass of wine in hand; you deserve it.

Decorate the walls

Your favourite artwork can motivate you to get your work done on time, so select one or more prints and hang them around the room. Operating out of a colourful and imaginative space can do wonders for the mind and body. Make it welcoming for you and your clients whether you are opting for a gallery wall or a more minimal look. Choose decorative frames to make even the cheapest prints look stylish and sophisticated.

Accent the space

Accenting the room with hints of colour will energise even the blandest of home offices. Consider adding colour through decorative accents such as colourful lights, pot plants, vases, in-trays and frames. A subtle touch of colour here and there will maintain the balance between professional and fun, without limiting your vision to get the job done. Pick a colour, or a couple of complementary colours, and look for ways to add them into the work zone.