How can I get a floor plan of my house?

Floor plans are a necessary starting base for all design, remodelling and renovation work and will help you accurately plan for all contingencies. But how you can find the original floor plans for your home?

Contact your local records office or local city council

If you were not given the original floor plan when you bought the property, then you will have to contact your local records office or city council to see if they have a copy. As an example, the City of Sydney Archives keeps records of Building Applications (BA) and Development Applications (DA). If the records survived (they maintain records as far back as the early 1900s), and they were adequately archived, then they will be readily available for access. Call in advance before visiting to make sure you have all the necessary documents you need to obtain the files. Depending on the location of the property, you may have to pay a fee to access the details from your local council, or you may be eligible to receive the information under the GIPA Act which allows free access to government information (if based in NSW). Other states may operate under a similar freedom of information act.

Reach out to the previous owner

The previous owner of the home may have kept a record of the property plans or they may have the contact details. Look back through your paperwork to find their address or telephone number and reach out to see if they have anything stored away. At the very least, they may be able to help you locate the previous owners or even the original owners if it wasn’t them.

Talk to the real estate agent

Talk to the selling agent as they may have a copy of the plans on file or they may be able to at least point you in the right direction of the previous owners who may have one filed away for safekeeping. If they have been involved in the buying or selling of the property more than once, then they may have an extensive contact list of people who might be able to help you locate the plans.

Contact the original architect or builder

The architect or the builder of your house may have a copy on file, depending on how old the property is. If your home was built as part of a series of developments, then check with your neighbours to see if they can shed any light on the builder or the designer. The more people you ask then the more chance you have of finding the original plans.