Let's Talk Entries

When you are entering someone's home for the first time, you can gauge a lot by the entryway alone. Some homeowners pay little attention to this part of the house which is often why it is neglected or is low on the priority list. As the entry to your home is created to welcome the guests, balanced by the functional need for storage, don't be afraid to pull out all the decorating stops.

Handpick furniture

Give a good impression with carefully hand-selected furniture to fill the space at the entranceway of your home. A hall table or console table can be decorative, yet useful. It allows a place for you to store your keys, and offers a spot to add some flowers, a vase or candles. If you have a larger space to fill such as an extended foyer, then you may want to consider a bench or a comfortable chair.

Go bold with the front door

We can't discuss the entryway without paying some attention to the front door. While the majority of houses tend to have white or wooden doors, don't be afraid to set the tone with something more visually aesthetic. If you want to go brighter than your neighbours, run with it. It won't be long before you boost your curb appeal and become known as the house with the red or blue door. If you don't wish to paint your door, then consider adding a black steel door for an industrial-themed look.

Be creative with your lighting

Ideally, you want a light, airy space to welcome you as you cross the threshold; but, if this isn't the case, use whatever lighting you can find to your advantage. Consider adding a skylight if the area is darker than you would like. You can also place a lamp on a table or desk to balance with pendant lights or geometrically inspired light fittings. Having a front door made from a mixture of wood and glass will also allow more natural sunlight to stream through.

Feature your favourite artwork

When you come home from a hard day at work, you want to see something that will make you happy. Why not hang your favourite artwork and prints on the entryway walls or add an interesting sculpture or statue to make you smile as you walk in the door. If it makes you happy, then it will do the same for your guests. Mirrors are also a great way to enhance the space available to you and open up a smaller space.

Make it cozy

Even a modern home can be cozy with the addition of curtains on the windows and a rug on the floor. Soft textiles go a long way into welcoming guests into your home, regardless of the colour or the style. You can aim for more neutral and natural textures or opt for contemporary prints and bright colours. Add decorative accessories such as a soft raffia or jute basket for your umbrellas or scarves, to give the entryway a more homely feel.

Add extra design with wallpaper

Even if the space is only small, don't be afraid to add some interest with wallpaper. It is eye-catching for one thing, and can add an extra element of flair well into the foyer or up the staircase if you have a two-storey home. You can go floral or choose a more abstract print. Wallpaper has come a long way since the orange and brown tones of the 1970s; although be warned, it does come back in fashion from time to time. Vertical wallpaper can also help the space look taller than it is.

Install a permanent divider

If your doorway opens up into an ample over-sized space, then consider adding a screen to give you a break between your entryway and living areas. This will split the room in an attractive manner, creating the impression of extra privacy. A permanent divider can also double as a work of art, depending on the design, and can really revamp an entryway. A divider will bring a lot of style to your home, not to mention create a faux entryway, well and truly doubling its impact.