Let's Talk Bathrooms

Making a design change to your bathroom can be as relatively simple or as complicated as you wish to make it. Even the smallest change such as updating the shower curtain, alternating the colour of your towels or adding a coat of paint can freshen up a bathroom in an instant and give it the boost it needs. Consider the size and space you have available and, budget depending, consider what your options may be. While trends come and go, a classic bathroom is always here to stay.

Splash the colour around

Adding a splash of colour or coloured décor to an all-white palette can produce surprising results. Ocean-coloured tones such as indigo, turquoise, cerulean, azure or arctic can work well. Coloured baths and basins are also optional, although choose the colour wisely, as it is a more permanent fixture and not easily altered. As both matte and gloss finishes are found in bathrooms across the country, browse images to discover your preference.

Take a step back in time

Period bathrooms work nicely and are a classic look in modern or Victorian-style homes. The style particularly focuses on freestanding bathtubs, as well as attractive looking taps with ceramic, gold or brass features. If you wish to veer away from chrome fittings, and opt for antique gold or other similar metallics, use sparingly. You can have too much of a good thing! Touches of marble can also add an enduring look to your overall design.

Be clever with modular furniture

If period styles are not your thing, then you can do amazing things with contemporary modular furniture to fit even the smallest bathroom spaces. Consider open ledge storage and units on the walls to cleverly optimise the area, so there is more floor room. Floating vanities also make an excellent choice, particularly for those who like to hide the plumbing. You can free up the floor space and really highlight the minimalistic approach.

Paper the walls sparingly

The one thing you must realise when it comes to wallpaper is that not all wallpaper patterns are created equally. Statement wallpaper can work well in particular spaces, although try to avoid the tendency for wall to wall wallpapering just because you can. Whether you prefer this season’s watercolours or last season’s darker shades, plan accordingly to match the rest of the room’s décor.

Look at the lights

Your choice of light fittings can add instant appeal whether you want something as fancy as a chandelier or as simple as a decorative light sconce to break up the wall space. Altering the light fittings by substituting with light bars, pendants or upgrading the bulbs is a relatively inexpensive way to enhance the mood and open up the room. If the fittings have been there for as long as you can remember and are looking a little outdated, consider this a great place to begin.

Drape the windows

If you are lucky enough to have natural light entering the room via a window, then you can use this to your advantage. Pair with luxurious curtains or drapes to soften the space and add a sense of luxuriousness to an otherwise utilitarian room. Fabric curtains can add aesthetic appeal to your bathroom, and there are many designs out there that provide much-needed privacy while still allowing the light to shine brightly through.

Select quality artwork

In choosing the artwork for the home, the bathroom often gets overlooked. Mini sculptures and pottery can lift a space from the ordinary to the extraordinary, as can a couple of well-selected and quality artwork pieces. The fun is in the choosing, and your guests can admire your mini gallery in your bathroom when they next visit. You can even consider blowing up some of your favourite photographs and laminating them to hang on the wall for immediate visual impact.

Mix and match with tiles

Tiles are a smart and affordable way to add some character to your bathroom. Again, don’t feel the need to have wall to wall tiling, although of course, it is an option. Use sparingly to add interest without overkill. While one material walls are indeed a thing – you have to be 100% committed to the look. Whatever design you choose, remember that you have to be comfortable seeing it day in, day out, for years to come.

Fix it with furniture

There are so many non-traditional ways to upscale your bathroom such as making practical use of antique cabinets, baskets, stools and tables. This freestanding furniture and décor idea is decadent in its approach and is worlds away from standard modern matching vanities and shelves. You can paint the furniture to complement a statement wall, or just pop it in place to add some much-needed character.

Add some greenery

Even those lacking a green thumb can take care of a tropical plant in the bathroom. It can warm up the coolest of spaces and add a bit of life into a neglected spot of the house. Orchids are lovely plants and work well in a humid bathroom area with lots of natural light. Obviously, the hardier the plants, the better. If you do want to go down the faux-plant route, only buy ones which are of high quality and look realistic.

Be bold with black

Black may not be your first choice, but it is something worth considering and makes an exciting change from brass or copper fittings. The great thing about opting for pops of black is that it lends itself to any style and is very easy to pair with other colours. It can instantly modernise a tired looking area and redirect the eye from other less interesting parts of the bathroom. Let’s face it, you cannot go too wrong with monochrome, which is why this trend remains a popular one year after year.

Lose the doors

Integrated showers – showers without doors – can open up the bathroom wonderfully well. Bear in mind, if you do wish to go down this route, then you may need to add at least one wall to minimise the water spill or rethink the drainage and alignment of the floor. Large shower heads are also favoured to spread the warmth of the water when integrated showers come into play. Maintenance of walk-in showers tends to be easier as they result in fewer surfaces to clean.

Install bathroom-friendly flooring

When updating the bathroom, don’t forget the flooring. You can lay wood floors, ceramic tiles, stone tiles, or even vinyl floor planks as a budget-friendly option. If you have ample space, then a decorative floor rug can add comfort and luxury and pull various features and design techniques together. The size of your overall design budget may affect the outcome, but in many cases, you should be able to find a cheaper version of the more expensive options on the market.