Let’s Talk Master Bedrooms and Ensuites

The master bedroom and ensuite is the one part of the house that you don’t have to share with anyone else other than your partner or loved one. It is a section of your home where you can luxuriate in peace, and relax, hidden away from the busyness of the world outside your front door. This sanctuary, as we like to call it, needs to take precedence when it comes to the design. Think of what would really define such a personal space, and take it from there!

Unify the colours or styles from the bedroom to the ensuite

While the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom are two separate rooms, there should be a sense of unity and flow when it comes to the design. If you wish to wallpaper one part of the bedroom or the bathroom, then make sure the paint in the adjoining room corresponds without clashing. You can always use the curtains, throws and towels effectively to tie in a certain colour or idea to carry the themes on.

Consider underfloor heating to warm the home

Unless you live in the tropics, having underfloor heating that connects from the master bedroom to the ensuite bathroom can ease the pain of getting out of bed on a cold winter morning. Underfloor heating can be used under most surfaces and can instantly turn the cold ceramic tiles into a welcome mat of sorts. This is invisible heating at its best, and is a definite and necessary treat first thing in the morning and last thing at night.

Do away with the connecting wall to separate the rooms

While this might not necessarily be your cup of tea, bathrooms in the bedroom without a full separating wall are becoming popular. The open style home has moved to the open bathroom concept and allows you to open the ensuite up into your bedroom, as much or as little as you like. The bath (or shower) can be placed directly into your bedroom to give you a honeymoon suite type feeling every day.

Match the bath to your decor

The great news is that bathtubs no longer have to be white. You can choose the design and colour of the tub to match the rest of the décor in the bedroom. If you decide to have a bedroom with a freestanding tub, then you will benefit from a more spacious and open area, giving you more room to be creative. There is no reason to be afraid of bright and bold colours as they are a definite trend which will continue well into next year.

Consider versatile lighting options

If your bedroom doubles as a dressing room with a walk-in closet, and an adjoining ensuite, then you have to think carefully about the lighting solutions present. You will want good lighting in the bathroom and bedroom when you wish to prepare for a night out, yet want relaxing lighting when you are getting ready to go to bed. Task lighting can be particularly helpful in these circumstances allowing use of each part of the room as it was aptly designed.

Designed with two in mind

While it is not necessary to have two showers or two baths, you can consider two walk-in closets or two sinks. This idea is extremely practical, particularly during those busy mornings when everyone is trying to get where they need to be at the same time. Dual sinks can mean that the necessary lotions and potions can be left out as required and there is definitely no chance of mixing up the toothbrushes.

Keep areas neat and tidy with suitable storage

Your room will look neater and tidier if you have plenty of storage space in both the master bedroom and ensuite bathroom. Make sure there is enough shelving, cupboards, wardrobes and racks to contain everything that is housed in the two rooms. Not having enough space can be a surefire way to clutter up an area and make it seem smaller than it is. If you are limited for space, particularly in the bathroom, then opt for hooks and wall storage to move things up from the ground.

Carry the sense of luxury from one room to the next

A sense of luxuriousness can be achieved in the master bedroom and ensuite in significant ways, and it all comes down to textiles and colours. Cashmere, velvet, and satin can give a real sense of elegance in the bedroom which can be carried through to the bathroom with a beautiful, soft mat and large, fluffy towels. Choose your shades wisely and take direction from rich jewels including emeralds, rubies, amethyst and rose quartz.