Let’s Talk Dining Rooms

Dining rooms are for enjoying long lazy meals and late night suppers and are essentially the life and soul of the party. And, as you may know, any good party room needs proper lighting, ample surface space and a certain wow factor to make it appealing. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to choosing suitable colours and styles for your dining room. Let’s look at the trends which are making this year extra exciting in terms of design and décor.

Experiment with lighting

As dining rooms host a variety of semi-formal, formal and casual functions, you want the lighting to be a reflection of the versatility of the room. Pendant lamps or hanging lamps achieve elegance in any space, or you can opt for geometrical lighting in circular styles or other more geometric centric patterns. Chandeliers, from the classic through to the contemporary remain a decorative feature in both period or modern style homes.

Decorate in a rustic theme

The farmhouse trend is continuing from the kitchen into the dining room to emphasise a more informal approach to entertaining. If you want to do away with the formal dining setting, then consider adding stools into the mix. However, remember that for long-term seating they are not the most comfortable so bear that in mind when choosing what goes where. A large wooden table is central to the rustic style so consider that your base and work from there.

Mix and match the styles

The good news is that not everything has to match perfectly with one another. You can steer away from the perfectly complemented chairs and tables for a unique look that involves a mix of fabric and textures. This trend allows you to take advantage of vintage purchases as eclectic is totally something you should be backing if you prefer something a little bit bohemian or random. Creating a contrast between old and new styles will highlight the features of your design.

Add a bench to the room

Benches are another neat option in a dining room and can create a great first impression in even the smallest of spaces. As a dining room is for group gatherings, it makes sense that communal seating such as this should play a big part in the finished design. Bench seating will only continue to grow in popularity, especially in those homes which are focused heavily on rustic or Nordic-inspired designs.

Hang a mirror or two

Mirrors look fab in any room, but don’t for a moment think you have to stop at one. The more, the merrier! And, if you wish to take the reflective trend even further, then you can add mirrored or polished surfaces into the mix. Mirrors benefit small spaces and will add a touch of glamour to a white wall in an instant. Mirrors, whether contemporary or vintage, are a bonus to any dining room and can be one of the most important accessories to showcase in a room.

Decorate the walls

Oversized art is welcome in your dining room, or if you prefer to go to the other extreme, add an abundance of medium to small-sized prints and artwork to fill the space. You can mix the art styles to reflect your personal taste or add extra interest with decorative and antique frames. If you want to take the art out of the frame, then a mural painted directly on the wall surface or a fantastically coloured rug can also be an interesting design choice.

Divide the rooms

If your dining room is part of an open plan home, then you can separate the rooms with a partition of some kind. They can be both decorative and practical in use, especially when the room backs onto the kitchen or the living room. Dividers can be made of wood, metal, glass or even stone and can be hung from the ceiling or set flush against the floorboards. Open shelving or wooden slats can also work well as a room divider.

Put the plates on the wall

While a dining room is for eating in, you can also take a selection of colourful plates and hang them on the wall for aesthetic purposes. Choose two or three colours and continue the theme throughout the collage. Make sure that the display encompasses a variety of patterns and sizes and don’t be afraid to experiment. A bare area can be dramatically enhanced with the right choice of ceramics hanging on the wall.


You can experiment with vintage prints or patterned wallpaper, opt for floral or tropical motifs, or go natural and choose prints that imitate wood, metal or marble textures. Geometric patterns and retro chic prints are popular, and surprisingly, pastel is also making a comeback this season. Art inspired wallpaper is taking the expected and creating a stunning backdrop that immediately engages all of the senses.

Fill the space with plants

Green coloured walls are good, but adding living breathing foliage into the space is even better. You can decorate with individual plants or spend the extra money to create a unique, vertical living wall for added interest. You can go all green or decide to use variegated leaf plants for more colour choices. In fact, living walls have been spotted in every room in the house so don’t discount them as a style choice just yet.

Metal tables

Industrial style metal tables are a bold choice and look great in contemporary settings. If you aren’t ready to take the metal plunge, then you can add some gold, brass or silver touches with lamps, chairs or handles on buffet tables and hutches to balance out more unadorned settings. Metal enhancements ensure a clean and streamlined look and will stand out marvellously when accompanying a wooden table.

Paint the walls

While you can decorate the walls with a multitude of different objects, colourful walls (and furniture) can certainly make all the difference. Orange and yellow are rising in popularity a la 70s style to epitomise the vintage theme, although blue and green still remain popular choices. White and grey walls are still on trend, especially for rooms that favour the minimalistic approach, or you can head in the other direction opting for bold black or red, or even candy pastel shades.

Get creative with the centrepieces

Dining table centrepieces allow you to become as imaginative as you like depending on your theme or colour choices. You can go all natural with a collection of bonsai plants, pinecones, a potted plant or flowers, or go bold with a sculptural centrepiece taking pride of place in the room. You can easily update centrepieces depending on the season or your mood, but don’t be afraid to go big if necessary.