Let’s Talk Bedrooms

Bedrooms are the sanctuary of the home where you can relax and prepare your body for a good night’s sleep. Because a restful sleep can benefit all areas of your life, it is important that your bedroom is given the priority it deserves. Not only do you want to ensure that you have a quality bed to support your posture, but you want to make sure that the décor allows for the best sleep possible. Whether you opt for dark or light shades, wallpaper or paint, you can still leave your unique mark in terms of the furniture choices and design.

Be bold

If bolder colours in the bedroom don’t inhibit your sleep, then what’s stopping you? You may find that you sleep better thanks to the colours that seep into your bedroom from the living areas. Violet, navy, emerald green, black and silver are being seen on walls all across the nation. If you don’t want to change your wall colours, then you can certainly embrace the trend with bolder linens and throws.

Add a tropical feel

Lush is a superb word to sum up the tropical look which will make you feel like you are on holiday every day of your life. Green and blue wallpaper or paint can be paired with textured or woven furniture such as rattan which is used to make wicker furniture. Wicker can be found in lamps, headboards and side tables to recreate that exotic island feel. You can also opt for bold nature-like prints which will enhance the tropical look even more.

Install a mix of lighting

The lighting in the bedroom is essential. While you need bright lights for the day, you also want soft lighting to help your mind and body relax in the evening. The ability to switch from bright to dim should be a priority when you plan the design. Consider mood lamps and lights with dimmer switches to get the balance you seek. Remember you will probably need a mix of lights including overhead pendants or a chandelier, as well as a standing lamp or a set of table lamps.

Put in some shutters

If you wish to block out the light from outside, then wooden shutters can be an excellent choice. Not only will they darken the room but you can paint them in any colour to mix up your décor. While white is a popular choice for bedroom shutters, coloured shutters particularly in bold shades, are taking over where the feature walls leave off. This kind of décor looks great in both traditional and contemporary homes.

Wallpaper the room

Wallpaper can enhance a wall brilliantly and add a lot of interest to your bedroom with minimal effort. Floral, metallic, bohemian or bold, it seems that nothing is off limits when it comes to papering the internal walls of your bedroom. Patterned and artistic prints are extremely popular, and 70s style prints are now entering a revival. Don’t feel the need to paper every wall, as you may find that one patterned accent wall is enough for your space.

Decorate with a headboard

The headboard on the bed gives you a place to add your own sense of style, and you can do so much with quality fabric or painted decals. You can even upcycle doors or do a full upholstered wall behind the bed for added comfort. A headboard can dramatically increase the look of your bedroom, and you can be as creative as you like. Hang a rug, or go ornamental with a bunch of picture frames. This is one area of your bedroom you can truly have some fun with.

Turn the romance up

If romance and splendour is your aim, then there are so many beautiful textures and colours, not to mention ways that you can bring the chic boudoir theme to life. Velvet is a wonderfully soft fabric, and a rug or a plush carpet can really soften the look. While a four poster bed can add some character to your room, opting for colours such as raspberry, caramel or grey can enhance the mood amazingly well.

Go for gold or metal highlights

Whether you wish to purchase gold embossed nightstands or add a touch of metal through your lamps is purely a personal choice. However, hints of gold and brass on the wallpaper and in the bedding are making a comeback, and it is the added attention to detail that beautifully accents the luxuriousness of the metallic trend. Elegant metal touches exude confidence whether you choose a vintage style or add a more contemporary twist to the finish.

Opt for all white

There are so many different shades of white that it can be confusing. Just a quick browse of the hardware store shelves will uncover paint colours such as eggshell, linen, cotton, polar bear, silky white and frost. Whether you decide to paint your walls white or go for a slightly alternative shade, it’s a winner. Add white furniture and bedding to channel a provincial or countryside aesthetic with ease. It is one of the simplest looks to recreate, and cost effective too.

Bring some colour to the party

Art comes in an abundance of forms and will complement even the barest or whitest of walls. Pick a piece of artwork which resonates with you, seeing as you are going to be looking at it every day. Modern floral prints or oversized patterns are totally on trend right now, as is poster style artwork or silkscreens. Contrasts will work well particularly in a gallery wall type setting where ‘more’ is definitely more.

Use a statement ceiling

It goes without saying that you probably spend most of your time in the bedroom resting or sleeping; therefore adding some bonus décor on the ceiling can add a touch of sophistication. You can paint it bold, add a gilding effect, update with some coving or just go all out when shopping for the decorative light fittings. Statement ceilings are a prominent feature in modern bedrooms, and can be achieved with plaster, paint or even wallpaper.

Use out of the box thinking for furniture

Bedside tables are almost as necessary as the bed; although, when it comes to choosing the right one for you, don’t hesitate to think outside the box. A chair can double as a table without too much imagination - as can a simple stool. Even a chest or a set of nesting tables can fill the gap and give you a place to pop your personals. Getting the blend of functional and fantastic is relatively easy, especially when you steer clear of predictable box-shaped nightstands.


Layering works in décor and can add a burst of warmth and personality to your room. Velvet cushions, or other interesting textile cushions can work well in the boudoir. You can bring together an array of colours in one go, whether you are opting for a tropical, metallic or romantic finish. There is a fun assortment of cushions on the market – so experiment with different shapes, designs and textures and choose one or two favourites.